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MP3165QS30 Consep Knelson Concentrator: Model KC-QS30MS - Complete with

Controller & Valves. Condition: Excellent.

MP3164Click to see PhotoLD7RC Mineral Technologies Spirals: Bank of 12 Coal Spirals. Condition:


MP3163Click to see Photo150mm Consep Fixed Cutter Sampler: Rubber Lined. Condition: Unused.

MP3162Click to see PhotoALDEC 75 Alfa Laval Decanting Centrifuge: G2 - Complete with 45 KW &

7.5 KW Drives. Condition: Very Good.

MP3161Click to see Photo1000 x 1000 Como Engineering Electro Winning Cell: 12 Cathode Machine.

Condition: Unused.

MP3160Click to see Photo100mm Consep Rotary Vezin Sampler: Complete with Control Panel & Electric

Drive. Condition: Good.

MP3159Click to see Photo250mm Consep Rotary Vezin Sampler: Complete with Electric Drive Motor.

Condition: Unused.

MP3158Click to see PhotoHSG 1500 Siebtechnik Tema Centrifuge: 4 Units Available - Vibrating Basket

Style Condition: Very Good.

MP3157Click to see Photo1.2M Weir Linatex Flat Bottom Classifier: Rated Capacity 21T per Hour.

Condition: Very Good.

MP3156Click to see PhotoGT1000 Gemeni Concentrating Table: Complete with Frame, Feed Chute &

Electric Motor. Condition: Good.

MP3151Click to see PhotoWW6E Mineral Technologies Cleaner Spirals: Bank of 8 Spirals - Twin Start -

18 Banks Available. Condition: Good.

MP3150Click to see PhotoD425S Rammer Rock Breaker Boom System: Complete with Rotating Base.

Condition: Very Good.

MP3149Click to see PhotoTC5 Outotec Float Cell: Complete with Drive Motor & Spares. Condition:

Very Good.

MP3141Click to see PhotoMG7S Mineral Technologies Spirals: Bank of 8 Spirals - Triple Start - 17

Banks Available. Condition: Very Good.

MP3137Click to see Photo914 x 1000 Eriez Wet Drum Mag Separator: Complete with Electric Gear

Motor Drive. Condition: Good.


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