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FA3049Click to see Photo110 KW Korfman/Ausminco Mine Vent Fan: Twin 55 KW - 1000 Volts

Condition: Very Good.

FA3048Click to see Photo110 KW Down Under Mining Underground Mine Fan: 1000V - 2 Units

Available - Galvanised. Condition: Very Good.

FA3047Click to see Photo55 KW Down Under Mining Underground Mine Fan: 1000V - Weg - 4 Pole

Electric Motor - Galvanised. Condition: Very Good.

FA3046Click to see Photo1500 Cogemacoustic Vent Fan: Complete with 110 KW 4 Pole Motor &

Variable Intake Blades. Condition: Very Good.

FA3045Click to see Photo77M / MIN Aerzen Blower: Type GM905 - Maximum Input 90 KW.

Condition: Unused.

FA3044Click to see Photo80,000 CFM Howden/Wolf Mine Vent Fan: Wolf 54.25 - 250 KW Drive.

Rated 38 M/S @ 4 KPA. Condition: Very Good.

FA3032Click to see Photo800mm Hison Fans Axial Fan: 1.5 KW - 940 RPM - Wall Mount.

Condition: Good.

FA3027Click to see Photo780mm Richardson Fan: Centrifugal - Fitted with 45 KW 4 Pole Motor -

Maximum Capacity 8300 Litres/Second @ 3.1 KPA.

FA3026Click to see Photo1640 Wolf Fan: Centrifugal - Fitted with 110 KW Motor - Capacity

approximately 11,500 Litres/Second @ 4.5 KPA.

FA3022400mm Fanquip Fan: Axial Type fitted with .25 KW Internal Motor. Condition:

Very Good.


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