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ET3075Click to see Photo37 KW Ample-Tech Starter: 1000V Pump Starter. Condition: Very Good.

ET3071Click to see Photo15 KW Allen Bradley VSD: Model 1336 Condition: Good.

ET305915 KW Cegelec VSD: ALSPA GD 3000 E

ET305815 KW Toshiba VSD: Tosvert 130 G2

ET3055Click to see Photo.75 KW Danfoss VSD:

ET3050200 AMP ABB Starter Panel: Consisting of 3 x 200 Amp RGBE 7.2 KV ABB

Earthing Switches - Fitted with Stromberg Spam 110 Motor Protection Relay.

Condition: New.

ET3034400 AMP Saftronics DC Drives: 400 Volt Output with full Wave Rectification

- DC 12 System.

ET3033650 HP Sprecher & Schuh Auto Transformer Starter: 415 Volts - Heavy Duty

- Complete with Push Button Stop/Start - Fully Enclosed.


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