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DP3038Click to see Photo4" Vortex Dredge: Single Wire - Auger Cutter. Condition: Very Good.

DP3037Click to see Photo5.0M x 5.0M MDS Marine Pump Pontoon: Complete with Gangway &

Aluminium Floor Plate. Condition: Very Good.

DP3036Click to see Photo10/8 SGH Birdon Marine Dredge: Cutter Suction - 10/8 SGH Warman Pump -

KT19M Cummins Winch & Spud Propelled. Condition: Good.

DP3035Click to see Photo2.4M x 5.0M M & Q Work Boat: Steel Barge - Complete with Outboard

Motor & 12V Lifting Jib. Condition: Refurbished.

DP3034Click to see Photo10/8 FGH Birdon Marine Dredge: Complete with KTA-19M Cummins Engine,

Warman Pump, Rosebud Cutter & Spud Propulsion. Condition: Very Good.

DP3033Click to see Photo2.5M x 7.5M Custom Work Barge: Complete with 40HP Engine - Class 2D

Survey for (4) Persons. Condition: Excellent.

DP3031Click to see Photo4.4M x 8.0M M & Q Barge: Complete with Open Cabin. Condition: Good.

DP3029Click to see Photo8 x 6 Mudcat Dredge: Model MC-915 - Complete with 8 x 6 Clyde Morris

Pump, 6-71 GM Diesel Motor & Auger Style Cutting Head. Condition: Good.

DP3015Click to see Photo Dredge Anchor: 2200 Long x 1500 Wide x 900 High. Weight (approx) 2.5T.


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