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CV3103Click to see Photo750 x 35M MQE Radial Stacker: Complete with 15KW Drive, One Side

Walkway & Powered Wheels. Condition: Good.

CV3101Click to see Photo750 x 14M Precision Screen Radial Stacker: Hydraulic Drive - Hydraulic

Rake. Condition: Good.

CV3100Click to see Photo900 x 17M M & Q Conveyor: Complete with 5.5 KW Drive. Condition: Good.

CV3099Click to see Photo900 x 20M M & Q Conveyor: Truss Style Conveyor - Complete with one side

Walkway & 15 HP Electric Drive. Condition: Good.

CV3092Click to see Photo600 x 15M Finlay Radial Stacker: Hydraulic Drive - Hydraulic Luff Up &

Down Condition: Good.

CV3087Click to see Photo750 x 18M Conveyor: Complete with Drive Motor & Torque Arm, Gear Box,

Lagged Head Drum & Tail Take up. Condition: Excellent.

CV3080Click to see Photo650 x 12M Precision Screen Radial Stacker: Hydraulic Drive - Hydraulic

Raise/Lower. Condition: Ok.

CV3079Click to see Photo600 x 12M Finlay Radial Stacker: Hydraulic Drive Condition: Good.

CV3078Click to see Photo75 KW Flender / Tefco Conveyor Drive: Consisting of Flender Gear Box 131

RPM Output - Head & Tail Drum Face 1700 x 780 Dia. Condition: As New.

CV3077800 DIA Conveyor Material Flinger: To suit 750 Belt - Complete with

Hydraulic Drive. Condition: Good.

CV3076Click to see Photo750 x 4.1M M & Q Conveyor: Complete with 2.2 KW Gear Motor & Large

Head Drum. Condition: Excellent.

CV3073Click to see Photo750 x 7.5M Conveyor: Stringer Type - Hyrdaulic Drive. Condition: Good.

CV3068Click to see Photo200 KW Flender Conveyor Drive: Consisting of Pope 200 KW 4 Pole Motor

coupled to Flender KZA320 Ratio 19.2 to 1 Gear Box driving Fox Pulley 1150

Face - 900 Diameter. Condition: Very Good.

CV3067Click to see Photo900 x 80M Apex Conveyor Belt: 4 Ply - 7mm Top Cover - 2mm Bottom

Cover. Condition: Unused.

CV3066600 x 11M Conveyor: Stringer Type - Heavy Construction. Condition: Very



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