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CG3070Click to see Photo50mm AJA Engineering Ball Mill Balls: Vega Rock G11 - 12 Drums

Available. Condition: Unused.

CG30691300 x 1300 BALL MILL: Complete with Skid Base, 22KW Drive & Metal

Liners. Condition: Good.

CG3068Click to see Photo3000 x 4000 Ani Ruwolt Ball Mill: Metal Lined - Complete with 400 KW

Electric Motor, Gear Box, Clutch, Sole Plate & Spares. Condition: Very Good.

CG3067Click to see Photo7300 x 12500 Polysius Ball Mill: 2 Units Available - Complete with 14MW

Installed Drive, Metal Liners & Full Auxiliary Equipment. Condition: Unused.

CG3066Click to see Photo2743 x 2743 Marcy/Morgardshammer Ball Mill: 9' x 9' - Complete with 400

KW 415 Volts Motor, Gear Box, Feed Spout, Trommel & Girth Gear Guards.

Condition: Good.

CG3065Click to see Photo4420 x 8800 ANI Ruwolt Ball Mill: Complete with 2500 KW Drive, Gear Box,

Pinion, Girth Gear, Sole Plates, Trommel, Inching Drive. Condition: Very


CG3064Click to see Photo4200 x 6800 Morgardshammar Sag Mill: Complete with 1540 KW DC Drive -

Gear Box, Pinion, Girth Gear, Rubber Liners, Starters, Transformer & Switch

Room. Condition: Very Good.

CG3062Click to see Photo5300 x 5600 Vickers Ruwolt AG Mill: Complete with 1700 KW Synchronous

Drive - 3.3 KV - Pinion, Clutch, Inching Drive & Discharge Trommel.

Condition: Good.

CG3061Click to see Photo6200 x 9500 Citic Ball Mill: Complete with 6000 KW Drive Motor, Gear Box,

Pinion & Girth Gear. Condition: Unused.

CG3060Click to see Photo4000 x 1600 Svedala Sag Mill: Complete with 250 KW Drive - Liners -

Manuals & all Associated Equipment Condition: As New.

CG3056Click to see Photo40mm Magotteaux Ball Mill Balls: 4 Drums Available. Condition: Unused.

CG3053Click to see Photo1600 x 2500 Lih Shan Ball Mill: Unlined - Overflow Discharge - 90 KW -

Roller Bearing. Condition: Excellent.

CG3051Click to see Photo2400 x 3300 Newell Dunford Ball Mill: Rubber Lined - Grate Discharge -

224 KW Drive. Condition: Very Good.


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